CPMN, Communist Party Of Marxist New

CPMN, Communist Party Of Marxist New
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Friday, August 7, 2015

Gandhian Communist Thought ! CPMN - Communist Party of Marxist New, Central Statement..

Gandhian Communist Thought !
Nationwide implementation of wine (Liquor) Prohibition !

                      In Tamil Nadu, the State chief administrators of the National Parties of  BJP,  INC, CPI, CPI (M), B.S.P,  N.C.P are protesting against the ruling Tamilnadu A.D.M.K Government for the governs of TASMAC Liquor Shops. They all are severely, warning and demanding the Tamilnadu Government to Ban TASMAC  in the State.  Our  CPMN –  Communist  Party  of Marxist New  is  also,  holding  the  same  decision  of TASMAC Prohibition and requiring  the  implement of,  wine ( Liquor ) prohibition  action  in  the State. But, the question of us is, Those National Political Parties are either alone  or  in  a  coalition  settings,  they  are ruling among various states in India. Most of their ruling States are in a mood of without any restrictions, holding wine (Liquor) Bars in their States. Their demands of TASMAC Ban action in Tamilnadu State is  most questionable to everyone  because, the requirement  of  wine ( Liquor )  Ban action is must ,not only for Tamilnadu but,  it  should  takes  place throughout the nation is important for the save of  poor  Indian  peoples  Life. So, our CPMN Party is expecting that,  all of the  National  Parties  branch  state heads  should  impose  and insist their National  heads to  take forced  action  against  wine ( Liquor ) sales  in  the entire states of India. Is this possible ? we are waiting to see the, real face of the National Parties.

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